Friday, September 27, 2013

little...[and it's back]

yes yes, it's been over a year since the last time i updated our little family blog, but i'm just going to dive right in here.  

@ 17 weeks, 5 days pregnant with Honey Pie

our little family is growing!  i have been thinking to myself lately, should i start blogging again?  what is the real point to it, for myself?  i rarely have time to sit down at the computer, and when i do, i am usually working.  but you know, Facebook and Instagram are not the only documentation i want to have of our little, growing life.  i want to remember all of the tiny, minute details.  And even though i've invested in a gorgeous journal for myself to write down all of my pregnancy memories (this second time around), and also have a toddler journal to record James moments, i rarely pick them up.  maybe this is a place where i can find some motivation to record our little life.

James [20 months old] with daddy on our balcony, eating a homemade fruit snack

so here is a little hello, to say we are back, in a little way. 

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Ruth said...

I'm so glad.

Once again, I love love love these photos.

Sweet, sweet family. <3