Wednesday, October 6, 2010

It's a new blog!!

Welcome friends and family, to a little peak inside the Robinsons and their life out in New York City!

I was finding that my Pink Graffiti blog was turning more into a documentation of our lives out here, so I decided to start a new blog solely for that purpose.  This will be THE location to check out what is going on out here and the beyond!

It's autumn in New York, my favorite.  And I'm hoping it doesn't fly by too quickly, so we can enjoy the leaves changing and the crisp, cool air before the snow.  Now that we have a car, we've talked about going upstate NY to see all the colors.  There's a particularly great apple orchard that we like to visit, which also has a winery.  Maybe we won't pick apples, but we might buy some wine!

Stay tuned for news, photos and more news!

Love, Lesley and Brian