Wednesday, October 2, 2013

and the gender is.....

drum roll.....envelope please....

yes folks, James is going to have a baby brother!  we are very excited to be having another healthy boy, even though we might find it a bit funny.  you see, Brian's living grandfather [Papa, for whom James is named] currently has SEVEN great-grandsons.  this will make his EIGHTH!  and no, i repeat, NO great-granddaughters.  what are the odds of that happening?  Brian says less than 1%.

i'm not sure i would call it relief, but we did have our boy name picked out even before this little man was conceived.  we have been quite back and forth about girl names, and were still in the process of making a decision when we found out.  as soon as we found out it's a boy in there, we told James about his special baby brother's name, and he immediately repeated it back to us!  saying his brother's name before his own.  [the name is going to be a surprise until his earthly debut]

we had a fun family photo session with my old friend, Brooke, yesterday afternoon at Comstock Riverside Park.  she is a lovely person and very talented photographer, owner of Brooke Collier Photography. she captures such beautiful moments, like this precious one of James reaching out for me while Brian pushed him on a swing.

[20 months old]

in other news, autumn is officially here!  and we are gearing up for a busy season filled with Halloween costumes and trick-or-treating at the John Ball Zoo, intimate Thanksgiving dinners and lots of family time.  not to mention the Christmas holidays, getting ready for James's second birthday party and preparing for the arrival of little Honey Pie boy.  i'm excited for the next 5 months!