Sunday, April 8, 2012

spring is here!

happy easter from the Robinsons! 

since this is James' first Easter, and he is only 2.5 months old, we did not do any "traditional" holiday celebrating.  but we did want to get dressed up and take a family photo!  we even went out to lunch together.  a quick burger and we were out.  wishing that we could have spent the day with our family down in the Detroit area, but a 6-hour drive roundtrip is a bit difficult with James at this age.

maybe next year we can give James a basket of some sort (maybe handmade items?  no candy), hunt for some real eggs at the farm now that my dad is raising chickens again (they do come in all different colors) and dye eggs with natural dyes, like this! i wish the pokeberries were in season in the spring, i bet they would make such a lovely fuchsia colored (non-edible) dye*.

James' attire: Ralph Lauren polo romper in kelly green, a lovely gift from my boss, Maria, in NYC.

*pokeberries are extremely poisonous, but make a very beautiful dye for fabric.  pretty good tutorial at the Oko Box blog.  my dad and i did this several years ago at the farm while i was still in college.

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Ruth said...

Ohh precious. You don't know how beautiful it was to receive your photo message on the phone yesterday. Your sweater and James's Lauren romper, and his little hat with red monkeys and green palm trees, colored my heart like an Easter egg. I didn't realize until after we weren't with you how important it felt to be with you on James's first Easter. I really wish we could have been together, especially in hind sight.

This family photo is so beautiful.

I just LOVE the natural egg dyes! They are deep and jewel-like, and I love the mineral oil finish. I can't wait to do it next year with you!

I love you, sweet daughter.