Tuesday, October 11, 2011

is it horrible that i want iHOP for dinner?

what is going on with this weather?! i'm sure everyone has been talking about it, feels like the middle of summer here in Michigan. watching the leaves changing in 80 degree weather is throwing me off a bit. hence the summery outfit.

autumn outfit #2:

what i'm wearing today:
cardigan: H&M
jeans: Motherhood Maternity
shoes: Aldo

bring on the cold weather, i say!!

another checkup with the doctor today, all is looking well and baby is happy! i got my flu shot, which was relatively painless, except for a growing bruise on my arm now. but completely worth it, i'm sure! we had a huge list of questions for her today, we just love sitting and chatting with her. she's so knowledgeable and loves sharing with us.

music of the day: April March

my pregnancy today: 25 weeks, 6 days.


Ruth said...

You look SO GOOD in those colors. I love your outfit. I hope IHop is yummy. :-)

Are you going to teach Poppy Seed French?

Heather said...

It's not horrible that you want IHOP for dinner. Chris and I eat there all the time! It's our go-to place for cheap American food. They're open late (we often eat late), they serve breakfast all day (breakfast is one of my fave foods for dinner), and the customer service at the IHOP in our town is top-notch. I'm fond of their stacked BLT sandwich. Not healthy at all, but I rarely go for healthy food at the IHOP. Enjoy! Can't wait for baby to arrive!