Saturday, August 20, 2011

moving and pregnancy

a lot has happened in the lives of the Robinsons since the last post!  i plan on starting to make this a regular thing, a window into our little lives.

we are all moved and settling into our beautiful place in the Grand Rapids area of Michigan (i plan on posting photos of our apartment once we have everything organized and decorated nicely).  it has been such a blessing to be out here, so close to family and friends.

i have been enjoying the time off immensely, and look forward to the time when our study/studio is all set up.  i'm beginning to think about my next knitting project, finishing my weaving so that i can start on a baby blanket and possibly sewing as well!

i had my 18 week checkup with our new OB (i'm going to refer to her as Dr. F) yesterday, and all is looking well with the baby!  Dr. F is very warm and friendly, coming highly recommended by my cousin.  and i know that she will work with me during labor and delivery regarding interventions.  more on that later.  we had a sonogram and Dr. F said that the baby looks very happy inside my belly!

this last photo is my favorite, you can see the cutest ribs!

when the sonogram first started, s/he was just sitting there, hanging out, relaxing.  then s/he started moving her hands and it really did look like s/he was waving!   most wonderful moment.  i hope to feel him/her move soon.


Tammy said...

aww...this is all so wonderful. I hope all goes well. Welcome home to Michigan.

Anonymous said...

awwww, i love it. glad, too, that you'll be blogging more. i'm particularly looking forward to seeing photos of your new apartment and your crafts. as well as your growing baby bump. and maybe one day i'll see you in person, too. :)

Ginnie said...

I can just imagine how exciting everything is for you right now, Lesley. Eat it all up! I love how Dr. F said Baby looks very happy inside your belly. What a delightful thought!